Why We’re The Best

Many times after an event, our clients will ask variations of the following questions?


Wow! Where do you guys come from?

How did you feed 750 guests so effortlessly?

Why is your food so much better than your competitors?

Your presentation is fabulous! How do you do it?


Well! After they recover from my first answer, “Brooklyn”, of course! I continue with the following:

It is a combination of many things – experience, dedication, education and passion. Thirty plus years of food service has provided us with the experience and skills necessary to properly plan and serve a selected menu regardless of the venue or guest count. A state of the art commissary and talented in house staff provides the support and culinary expertise that is required to consistently present the “Best in BBQ”. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks, trailers and smokers provide us with the means to successfully service the Tri-State area with the finest in outdoor dining.


Unlike BBQ restaurants, which offer catering services, we are professional caterers, who have the resources and logistical skills to execute outdoor events successfully. This culinary/catering expertise allows us to offer a selection of appetizers, menus, desserts and services that simply can’t be match by restaurants or “Backyard BBQuers”.


Our incredible field staff, professionals one and all, are determined to provide our clients with the best in food and service. Having honed their skills on the BBQ circuit throughout the country many of them have become Certified Barbecue Judges, sanctioned by “The Memphis in May” and “The Kansas City BBQ” associations. Not only do they provide our customers with excellent food they truly enjoy sharing their “Que-knowledge” with

them as well. Their “shared passion” shines through as they educate our customers in the “Art of Que” discussing such topics as charcoal versus gas, pork shoulder versus butts or perhaps the pros and cons of marinating.


So humility aside, you can easily understand why we feel “Brooklyn has the best BBQ in the tri-state area.


Jeff Riley